rofessionally decorated with Mexican décor, traditional colors, splendor and great taste!
Restaurants & Bars
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Please your palate with our world-class cuisine, and pair your dishes with the best wine selection.

Professionally decorated with Mexican decor, traditional colors, splendor and great taste in every corner.
Places for Shopping
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Add something new to your wardrobe with garments from the most exclusive brands.
Play Golf
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Challenge your self while you visit the new golfers paradise destination in Mexico.
In the Tennis Club
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The white sport never looked better.
Go to the Gym
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If working out is part of your daily routine and lifestyle.
Take a brake in the Spa
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Indulge your senses like you have never experience before.
Enjoy the view of the Gardens
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A green paradise designed just for you.

Magnificent common pool with an exotic Jacuzzi island, to the incredible well kept gardens that embraces the entire complex and everything comes to life with the superb ocean views from every unit, once you step into your terrace you know you are in Mexico
Home Away From Home
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We want to share with you a summary of the exciting changes that have been made in recent years, events held, awards received and the innovations that you will find on your next visit.